How to Increase Your Home's Value

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Real Estate

Thinking about selling your home? Let's talk about how to get the highest value for your home right from the start:

1. Price it right from the start! A proper comparative market analysis can help you maximize the realistic asking price for your home without scaring potential buyers away. My knowledge and research of your community will help you find your ideal price.

2. Enhance your homes curb appeal - New sod, colorful flowers, and a freshly painted front door will grab any buyers attention. Her appeal as everything comes to first impressions.

3. Update the exterior and interior keep things current so you don't fall behind - New fixtures, fresh paint, and updated landscaping are easy, affordable, and keep you on par with comparable homes in your neighborhood. I can provide you with insight as to which projects will benefit the sale of your home the most.

4. Clean and declutter - This is extremely important! Perspective buyers should be able to envision their family in your house, not you and yours. The less clutter around your home, the easier this will be, and the larger your home will appear. Think "less is more".

5. Stage your home to showcase is possibilities - Give roles to rooms which don't have an obvious use. Home staging is the best tool to accomplish this goal. I can provide you with professional staging advice that will make a lasting impression on potential buyers.

6. Make the property easy to show - Buyers want to discuss your home while on a walk-through, and we can give them the perfect tour. They don't want to do it with you standing behind them. Pre-plan where you're going to spend most of your time when you're home is on the market, so you have morning, evening and weekend times available for interested buyers to tour your home.

7. Remove your pets! A potential buyer might not share your feelings for "Fluffy" or "Fido". Pet hair and odor can be a huge turn off for some buyers. Have a place for your pets to stay when buyers are scheduled to tour your home… a.k.a. take them with you!

8. Insist on professional photos of your home. Potential buyers will probably see your home in a picture before they see it in person. I have a professional photographer that captures the perfect shot and lighting, which highlight all of your homes most attractive features.

I will showcase what's great about your neighborhood - Your neighborhood is often a big selling point with prospective buyers. Amenities, schools and other features can turn interested buyers into a contract. I specialize in the representation of homeowners from your community, and believe my knowledge of your local market can ensure the successful sale of your home. If you require the services of a real estate professional in the future, please allow me to outline how I can exceed your greatest expectations!