Under bidding in today’s sellers market

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Dear Mr & Mrs. Homebuyer....

OK.... so I have found you the perfect home and you say “Bob.. I want this house... let’s make an offer”.....then after my recommendation based on careful strategizing, recent comparative sales and my expert knowledge of this “turbulent” sellers market... you throw a less than reasonable asking purchase offer at me?

Yes....aka lowballing for the sake of lowballing. I sometimes come across buyers who are adamant that they ‘won’t pay the listing price’, or ‘won’t get into a bidding war’. If a home is overpriced, I get it – of course, you don’t want to pay more than a house is worth! And bidding wars ARE frustrating…but many of the homes I show them have been purposely underpriced to attract attention. 

Standing by principles that aren’t based on reality is a sure-fire road to disappointment. My advice is simple.... focus on what a home is worth to YOU, instead of the listing/asking price.